New artwork

Red Silver is the newest member of the Black & white series.


Something familiar but yet so new, I have always worked a lot with big strong colors and mixing everything together.  

But I wanted to try some thing different, something elegant and then, the B&W series was born.


fourPOW! horsemen


Ok!  I love these ones!

which one is your favorite? 
The Black & white series continues
Here are the four newest members in the BW series.
Printed directly on Aluminum and only one made of each image.


Lucky dime

The one and only lucky dime!
I grew up watching Ducktales on TV
so this one right here is a special one to me.

The original aluminium art work was sold in 
two days after being posted on Instagram.

25 Reprints vere made
Printed on high quality Picasso canvas
Size  70c60cm

Only 9 left
Signed and dated

The Art

Do what you Love and Love what you do!
This sentence is the perfect guide line when looking at ones life. 

To me this art stuff is is more than a job it is just what I do, it is a part of me and how I express my self to my self. 

Maybe not the best sentence to explain
but it works for me.